The Indian biking scenario has changed a lot in the last couple of years. It has improved drastically, and in such a way that manufacturers can survive only if they offer products, which are of exceptionally good quality, offering good performance and most importantly at an affordable price tag. Bajaj auto, Hero Moto corp, Yamaha are some of the very few manufactures that has been able to do well in the “Hard to Survive” Indian market while Honda and others have been struggling. The year 2014-2015 is a very important one, as it’ll play an important role in deciding the company’s fate in the country.  Here’s the list of 5 upcoming bike in India that are eagerly awaited by motorcycle enthusiasts all over the country. 

1. KTM RC 390

Upcoming bikes in India KTM RC 390The RC 390 is the fully faired version of the highly successful Duke 390. It hosts the 390’s engine block and the company for has reworked it to make it a perfect track machine. Its fairing, aggressive stance, dual headlamps and the orange trellis frame from the duke makes it a mean looking monster.

The amazing power to weight ratio makes it a really fun bike to ride, as it’s only a couple of kilos heavier than the duke (because of the fairing). The RC 390 is one of the most expected bikes right now. It is set to launch on September 9th at a price tag of 2.3 to 2.4 lakhs. The bike is to be manufactured at Bajaj’s chakan plant and exported worldwide.

2. Yamaha R25

Upcoming bikes in 2015 Yamaha R25Yamaha’s quarter liter machine has generated a lot of interest in the market and many many are waiting to place their butt on it.

The factory MotoGP bike M1 has lent some design inspiration to the r25. It looks great with its aggressive stance, sporty headlight, air duct in the middle, tapered rear LED light as well as aluminum alloys.  The high revving 4-stroke 250cc parallel twin cylinder unit produces 36 bhp on tap.

The Japanese maker says that it’s a super bike that can be ridden everyday. R25 takes on the Ninja 300 directly which has been doing pretty well so far in the country. The Yamaha R25 is to be brought to be India via the CBK route at a price tag or around 2.5 to 3 lakhs. It is expected to launch in late August or September in India.

3. KTM RC 200

Upcoming bikes in India KTM RC 200The duke 200 was a huge success worldwide especially in the developing markets like India now, KTM plans to launch its fully faired version the RC 200 in India this year. The engine is the same liquid cooled 200cc mill that produces 25 bhp.

Despite the fairing the RC 200 weighs 137 kgs which is astonishingly just one kg more that its naked cousin.  The RC 200 shares most of its components with the duke 200 except the fairing of course, aggressive riding position and the twin projector headlamps. The RC 200 is the perfect entry-level track bike. It is expected to launch at 1.7 lakhs later this year.

4. Honda CBR 650F

Upcoming bikes in 2015 Honda CBR650FThe Honda 650F was showcased by Honda motorcycles India at the 2014 auto expo. The middleweight bike from the Japanese maker was designed for the young customers in the emerging markets. The bike looks like a traditional Honda premium superbike from ever angle.

A new inline 4 cylinder powers the CBR650F that produces 87 BHP at 11000 rpm. Honda claims that the engine is specifically tuned to produce low to midrange torque. Honda India confirmed that it’d build the CBR650F in its upcoming Ahmedabad plant, which is expected to be operational by 2015. The CBR650F takes on the Ninja 650 and the Hyosung GT650R in India and one can expect it to be priced aggressively.

5. KTM Duke 690

Upcoming bikes in India Duke 690After the success of the duke 200 and 390 KTM’s CEO Stephen pierer said at a press conference that it has plans to bring the duke 690 to India before 2015. The 690 is another pocket rocket from KTM which produces 68 bhp from its single cylinder 690cc liquid cooled engine. It has a mind-blowing power to weight ratio of 454bhp per tonne thanks to its extremely lightweight of just 145.5 kgs.

Being a single cylinder a lot of vibrations is expected for a bike with such capacity, but who cares! The 690 takes on the Ninja 650, Hyosung GT650R and the Honda CBR650R. KTM plans of manufacturing the 690 locally at Bajaj’s chakan plant to reduce the cost. If priced correctly KTM has another winner in its hands.

Upcoming bikes in India: Verdict

So there you have it! The Indian biking scene looks rosy, to say the least, for the next couple of years. The biggest credit for revolutionizing the Indian market goes to Bajaj-KTM. They are the ones that gave us bikes like the Duke 200 and Duke 390, and they are also the ones expected to give us some more awesome 2 wheelers in the future! So start saving, keep on the lookout, and get your dream bike as quickly as you can!

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    October 24, 2014

    When is Harley Davidson Street 500 launching date in india?

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      October 24, 2014

      No idea Dammy. It has been launched in the US, but hasn’t shown face yet in India.

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    October 11, 2014

    Can there be some affordable cruiser bikes in future for mature riders which can also be used as daily commuter.present bikes are too sporty,boyish like things and every maufacturer is pushing hard in one direction only.

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      October 12, 2014

      I certainly hope so Vikas! UM will probably hit that nail right on the head, but no idea when they’ll launch the bikes.

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    October 8, 2014


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