mumbai in monsoonIf you like the color green, blue, white, yellow, orange, magenta, and grey, or any other color there is, head out to Maharashtra in monsoon! If a landscape surrounded by greenery and lots of water flowing around soothes you, riding across some ranges in Maharashtra could be the best therapy to throw out the sickness of mundane work life. July and August will offer the most scenic monsoon beauty the Western Ghats have to offer.

One suggestion though, be prepared for heavy showers all the time, literally, so pack enough covers accordingly. If you have got those friends who get cranky after getting drenched, better avoid them on this trip because they will whine about it throughout the tour and you might feel like kicking them in the nuts all the time for ruining your ride. 

Here are 5 reasons why Maharashtra in Monsoon will satisfy the rider/photographer in you.

IMG_6062_3_4_fused1. Surreal Landscape: 

Monsoon is the best time to witness the beauty of the lush green mountains, water bodies, clouds and to capture amazing HDRs. Every turn you take, every new range it shows you, has a unique texture which will leave you amazed. The tall brown grasses of summer are Ninja green and add to the view. The unlimited nameless waterfalls, the rainwater flowing downhill, and those mountains standing tall will make you feel closer to the nature. Every frame there is perfect, take a wide-angle lens with you and just click around, every composition will include some or the other interesting elements.

maharashtra in monsoon2. Corners: Riders and mountains have a special bond. We feel happy in the lap of those huge ranges as riding towards one means countering a lot of twisties. A nice session of corner carving can really bring out the widest smile under the helmet.

One such free-flowing section is the Kashedi Ghat. Well maintained roads and long deep flat corners are the USP of this ghat. Lavasa has always been famous with corner lovers, so much so that it is literally infested with bikers every weekend now. Mahabaleshwar is also a fantastic place for some cornering fun! Maharashtra in monsoon will be covered in thick fog at most places, so ride slow and safe!

maharahtra in monsoon3. Maharashtra in Monsoon offers Trail Riding opportunities:

Adventure junkie in you has a lot to explore in the state. Not hundreds, thousands of trails take you to the most beautiful places, to an unknown village, away from the civilization, from the noise. Rajmachi has to be the pick of the lot, with so much slush and such difficult terrain that walking around can get you killed. As obvious, riding there is immense fun, plus a bit of danger.

4. Beautiful Dams and Waterfalls:

At Lonavala, you can take a look at the famous and rather overcrowded Bhushi dam. A whole assortment of other dams can be had around Malshej ghat, Kas Pathar, Lavasa and Aamby Valley as well. Waterfalls will be your constant companion, everywhere you go. There is a whole stretch in Lavasa called Waterfall Street! Maharashtra in monsoon has no dearth of both natural and man-made beauty.

photographing maharashtra5.  Delicious food:

Have you ever experienced the feeling of having hot Pakodas, with tea and Pav during the rainy season? If not, I pity your life. Everything tastes better, sweeter, more delicious. Be it Misal Pav, Dabheli, Chai Pav or any other roadside dish, you are going to enjoy it like there is no tomorrow. Stay away from the looters at Lonaval though, charging 100 bucks for a plate of Maggie, not worth it at all.

Maharastra in monsoon is just fricking amazing. The whole landscape magically transforms from dirty yellow to astonishing green in a matter of few weeks. There are plenty of hotels, eateries, and good people to meet on the way. So saddle your ride and get going!

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    April 15, 2014

    …the quality of indian roads as opposed to what it should be …etc….why ….

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    April 15, 2014

    Akhil….my dear dude…do an in depth article on speedbreakers aka tripfuckers….international specs et al………and the tragedy of indian roads….

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