IMG-20140806-WA0008As soon as I got my Royal Enfield Classic 350 delivered, I had to buy a helmet. All I wanted to buy was a helmet that ensures maximum protection at reasonable pricing. Few months before getting the Classic 350, I had a chance to ride TVS Apache RTR 180 ABS wearing a white LS2 helmet. That was the very first time I ever wore LS2 stuff and I really felt cool. The helmet fit my head quite well. In fact, I felt safe and much more confident to ride even more!

I know it’s not the LS2 full-face style that fits Royal Enfield, but an open face. But, due to the safety reasons I wanted to pick up my riding gear that promised uncompromised protection. Although I searched for a black piece, I had to wind up my search buying the FF351.5 Cartoon White large. Alright! It looks sporty, impressive, and expensive 😉 

Now, it has been more than one and half years that I have been using the helmet. Since the helmet is made up of Polycarbonate mixed with a carbon fiber internal shell, high-end quality is assured. It has got smooth visor lock to easily open up and close down. Meawhile, front air intakes and rear extractors for ventilation ensure air passage to get rid of heat. It has got washable soft fabric inside it.

IMG-20140806-WA0010Until recently everything seemed alright except for few issues. The breath deflector got dislocated after six months. Although I fixed it easily with Fevi Kwik, I never expected this from LS2. On the other hand, the outer layer of the inner portion of the helmet, the portion just in front of the mouth to exact, is getting ripped off. Except these two things, the helmet is awesome.

I see many people complain about the weight of LS2 helmets. But, I think the mass is alright and certainly bearable even in long rides. So far I have completed more than 24,000 kms in one and half years with it. And I’m sure it’s quite capable to run another 24,000 km!

IMG-20140806-WA0012And there was an incident which leads me to strongly recommend LS2 over any other helmets in this price range.  My friend met with an accident as he was driving back to home (Kochi) from Chennai. Since he had no full face helmet, he borrowed my helmet and went up for the trip. While crashing at the back of a parked goods vehicle, his bike was running about at 80 kmph. Since it was night, he had opened up the front glass of the helmet for better visibility, the impact made his eyebrow area bleed. But the miracle is that he escaped narrowly from death without any other injury to his head! Thanks to the makers of LS2. Though the helmet was hit, no big scratches were found on the surface of the helmet since it was in White colour with good coating.

IMG-20140806-WA0011I bought the helmet for Rs. 2800 after bargaining. Unfortunately, the market price of LS2 has been increased and the same stuff presently costs around Rs. 3500. Although you need to spend this much of amount to buy an LS2, your safety is assured to the maximum. The weight might be a problem for some riders. In such case you may go for Cross helmets. But, you will miss the dashing designs of the Barcelona manufacturer. Cheers!

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    August 9, 2014

    If your helmet has seen a crash, you’ll need to replace it immediately; not after another 24000 km.

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