The CBR badge has been the proud carrier of Honda’s race replica tradition in india and with its present sales figures it seems to be performing well. The Honda CBR 250R is a flagship model for the Honda which has managed to maintain a good reputation both in terms of performance and design. But with the presence of rivals in the market its time for Honda to upgrade its present models.

Honda CBR 250R
Honda CBR 250R

Design: By looks Honda CBR 250R looks more like a gentleman , the Honda tends to be using the same old bike design of its grandfather VFR 1200F. Although Honda’s older design gave the manufacturer a phenomenal success worldwide, its time for Honda to resketch the design of its bikes in india. With the presence of rivals like Yamaha ,KTM which are offering a very eye appealing and performance oriented bikes, its time for Honda to give its bikes some major distinctive look, its time to shed the long curvy fairings and equip it with a muscular and edgy armour. 

Honda CBR 250R
Honda CBR 250R color variant

Color: Honda CBR 250R is presently available in four different shades; 1)Sports Red, 2) Pearl sunbeam white c) Black and d) repsol edition. The repsol edition costs Rs 5000-6000 more than the other top end color variants. The color scheme goes well with the overall design of the bike.

Performance: Honda engine are reliable and smooth and there current fuel injected single cylinder engine delivers 26BHP@8600rpm and 22.9 Nm @7000.There are bikes in this power range like KTM duke 200, RE desert storm which is priced competitively less. With its current debacle in sales honda needs to rollout more powerfull engine like that of Yamaha r25 ,KTM390 and Hero HXR 250R and they are infact coming up with more powerful CBR300R. The new 286 cc engine is expected to produce 30.4BHP and a 27Nm of torque and is expected to launch by November 2014.But in my opinion with this power output the bike will not be able to appeal much to the buyers, keeping in mind that the design is almost identical to CBR 250R.

CBR 250R Ergonomics
CBR 250R Ergonomics

Ergonomics: Being a sports tourer, CBR doesn’t offer a very comfortable ride on long distance touring, the ergonomics of the bike makes the rider sit down in a crouched position with a little room for the legs to stretch out. The seats are stiff and narrow and can turn your ass flat in no time. Riding with pillion for long distance can be immensely tiring for both the riders. Due to its forward lean angle of 17 degree, the front rider takes much of the weight of the pillion while braking. Seats for the bike should have been more broad and cushioned. Pillion seat is quite small and does not offer much comfort over a long distance.

Handling: Handling for the bike is good and needs no modification. Handling and response especially around sharp corners and in city traffic is good. Even at high speed the bike does not vibrate and feels more nimble and accurate. Honda CBR250R ABS version comes along with ABS (Antilock Braking System), which circulates the braking power automatically between front and back wheels and averts wheels locking during sudden braking.

Mileage: Honda cbr250r delivers a fair mileage both on city and highways. The bike is equipped with the PGM-Fi technology, which adds air and fuel mixture in right proportion, thereby increasing the mileage and performance of the engine.. It churns out a 25 km/l on the traffic packed roads of a city whereas on long stretches it dishes out the fuel-efficiency of 35 km/l which are pretty decent with the power output of the bike.

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