The 72nd EICMA short for Esposizione Internazionale Ciclo Motorciclo (international motorcycle exhibition in English) is an annual show in Milan, Italy featuring motorcycles and accessories by manufacturers from around the globe. It is the biggest motorcycle exhibition in the world being held from 4th to 9th November 2014. The EICMA is a key strategic event for manufacturers. It has been a stage to showcase their new products to the world for every manufacturer. To be precise the EICMA is like Christmas for every biker out there!

With the current trend, the manufacturers are forced to improve their game every year to survive in the market. With the INTERMOT about to begin in 2 days, we should get a glimpse of some of the most dearly awaited bikes ever! This year’s EICMA will be a crucial stage for each and every bike manufacturer as well, and thus we could expect some really good products and heavy competition this time around. 

Lets start off with Ducati, which is finally set to release its long awaited update to the Multistrada. The Multistrada is an extremely fashionable bike with great versatility and highly customizable form, and a better version of the same will be a great seller for Ducati without any doubt once it’s launched.

The Ninja 650 is quite old is getting a little bit outdated. Its starting to face heavy competition from Yamaha’s MT-07 so much that it has dropped the price by 35000 INR in the U.K.. Kawasaki is set to launch the second generation of its highly successful Ninja 650 this year at the EICMA. The second generation will have drastic changes including higher power, lower weight and a sportier design.  They might also bring ABS for the new 650, which is a must for bike of its class. We can expect the bike in India next year at a slightly higher price than the current generation.  The Ninja 650 is Kawasaki’s most popular sport tourer.

Aprilia caponard 1200 is without a doubt an amazing bike. We have heard rumors that Aprilia might launch a smaller, as well a bigger version of it to fit ones needs. The Aprilia caponard is a endure motorcycle that is very capable and comfortable for touring.

There’s a lot more bikes to unveiled at EICMA 2014 and we’ll get to know more about them in time. The EICMA 2014, ill be a special one since EICMA celebrates its one hundred years in existence! We can’t wait 🙂

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