Good bye to outdated technologies and welcome to evolution. That’s the minimal address of the newly announced 2015 Indian Scout. Although Indian Motorcycle Company had commenced the production of the Scout in 1919, the firm had to discontinue the bike in 1949, which is exactly after the II World War. Then the best motorcycle, the Scout, ever made by the company, got renamed as ‘Warrior’ in 1950.

As the legend motorcycle company plucks and plants the name ‘Scout’ to a completely new bi-wheeler, it means a lot to the motorcycle enthusiasts around the world. At least the machine has the name on it. Or is that the same machine once produced? Doesn’t the machine carry forward much to stand along with its competitors? Let’s have a look around the new Don of Indian Motorcycle Manufacturing Company. 

Gorgeous is the way it looks. The perfectly balanced shape of a cruiser is all there seen in the Scout. The well refined DNA with no-frills gives a plethoric presence on road. The steering head and axles re-engineer a classic rigid triangle just as seen in the original Indian Scout. The fenders too do a big role here, just like the other Indian motorcycles to ensure the display in motion. Touched with blacked-out elements, the round black headlight with chrome trim commemorates the pre-war Scout. The forward sloppy fuel tank with 3D logo ‘Indian Scout’ badges an Iconic impression to the machine. And the split dual exhaust with crossover gives not just an exploring presence, but also pulls out a sexy sound on roads.

The Scout doesn’t bow down anymore with the outdated tail-end of the Indian technologies. Thanks to the re-engineering works implemented. The 2015 version comes up with an American evolutionary v-twin engine. To be precise, it measures 69 cu. in. (1133cc) 60-degree liquid-cooled V-twin, DOHC heart with four valves per cylinder. The all new V-twin certainly demands a closer look. And it’s more a rider’s power mill running along sensing the mind of a rider. As the heart is set with liquid cooling, it ensures outstanding performance in all conditions consistently.

The cruiser is capable to generate a peak power of 100 horsepower at 8,100 rpm and a top 72.2 pound-feet of torque at 5,900 rpm. It has a six-speed transmission and is a left-side belt drive. The Scot has a redline of 9,000 rpm as its new engine is powered by EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection) with a 60mm throttle body. The top speed of the Scout is 124 mph (200 kmh). It comfortably goes at the top gear at 70 mph at 3,750 rpm.

The Scout rails smoothly even at the lowest rev range. Minimal is the vibration you could experience meantime. You may almost notice zero vibration. Cruisers prefer to do things at low rpms rather than bombing it in high-ends. Still, the bike is comfortable even at 6000 rpm. Well, the gorgeous Scout you could enjoy is around 6500 to 7500 rpm. Mean while, instant power is gettable like nowhere. The other highlight of the Scout is that no false neutral is seen while shifting the gears occasionally. The shifts were quiet easy, and relaxed.

Now let’s check out the handling and comfort line of the Scout. The ergonomics is quiet well designed. The handlebar, saddle and foot rests are comfortable for riders averaging 5 foot 10 inches. Featuring new desert tan leather for seat, Indian offers a premium extension to the machine. Since it is of high quality, it lasts long and makes things comfortable when you take yourself for long roadies.

The chassis of the motorcycle is based on a cast aluminium frame member. So light and reliable is the thing. And it weighs only around 244 kg in dry and 253 kg in wet. Moreover, with low center of gravity and lean angle provide better balancing and add highest level of confidence to the rider even while cornering at top speeds.

The suspension part is extremely in action while motion. Packed up with Telescopic Fork/4/7” 120 mm up front and with Dual Shocks/3.0″ 76 mm at the rear, the Scout frames up better rides. However, it is not the best a cruiser can have. The suspension is at the best when pedaling at lower speed over bumps. The same seems lesser active at high speed. But, things are alright. The bike has a good piece of maneuverability when it comes for inexperienced, young, and female riders, and that is what Indian is targeting with the Scout.

Additionally, a 130/90-16 72H front tire, and a 150/80-16 71H rear tire is locked up in a Cast 16″ X 3.5″ front wheel and a 16″ X 5″ rear wheel respectively. Meantime, a single, 298 mm rotor, 2 piston caliper stoppy and a single, 298 mm rotor, 1 piston caliper stoppy at front and rear respectively are more than enough to break down the speed of the motorcycle to zero. Above all, there is ABS as well.

The Scout is drowned with features like digital tachometer, odometer, trip meter, engine temp, and low fuel lamp at the instrumentation part, and features like headlight, tail/brake light, turn signals, license plate light, and speedometer and indicator lights at the lighting department.

The 2015 Indian Scout is available in 4 classic shades – Indian Red, Thunder Black, Silver Smoke, and Black Smoke. The motorcycle is priced at $10,999 in the USA and a competetive 11.99 lacs in India. 

Well, that is all about the Scout when it’s relaunched in 2015 after a long period. How is the motorcycle? Does it live up to the generation? Is it made well to be a real competitor? Has Indian failed in pricing? Let’s review them all.

The Indian Chief Classic was the cheapest Indian motorcycle till the arrival of the Scout. The Chief Classic is priced a whelming Rs. 26.5 lakh, which is certainly an unbearable amount to spare on a motorcycle by the most. At the first sight, a price tag of $10,999 (approximately Rs. 6.66 lakh) might be a mammoth total for anyone, thinking that the Scout is just a midlevel cruiser and hasn’t got much stuck on it. But, when you analyze the Scout as a product of noted Indian Motorcycle, who produces only high quality machines at higher price tags; this amount wouldn’t be a much for a cruiser freak. I am certain people would be more than happy to pay the 11.99 lac price tag that Polaris has asked for this beauty!

Yup! The quality of Indian motorcycles offered is just unmatching. The same is seen with the Scout as well. The paint job, and the premium leather used for saddle are just awesome. Moreover, the Scout is run not by an outdated technology, but by an engine that revs to the key senses of a rider. It runs smoothly and sharply both at high and low rpms. The machine is much maneuverable in corners. The suspensions do their job pretty cool in bumps and trenches as well. Yup! The machine is way comfortable zealing satisfaction in all corners. So, what’s wrong in spending 12 odd lacs? 🙂

Technical Specifications

Engine- 69 cubic in. (1133 cc) liquid-cooled 60-degree v-twin , DOHC, four valves per cylinder engine.

Maximum power – 100 hp at 8100 rpm

Maximum torque – 72.2 lb.-ft at 5900 rpm

Transmission – six-speed

Clutch – wet multi-plate

Recommended fuel – 91 octane

Fuel capacity – 3.3 gal.

Fuel delivery – EFI

Front suspension – 41mm fork, 4.7 in. of travel

Rear suspension – Dual shocks, 3.0 in. of travel

Front brake – 298mm rotor, 2-piston caliper

Rear brake – 298mm rotor, 1-piston caliper

Front tire – 130/90-16 72h

Rear tire – 150/80-16 71h

Front wheel – cast alloy, 16 x 3.5

Rear wheel – cast alloy, 16 x 3.5

Ground clearance – 5.3 in.

Length – 91.0 in.

Width – 34.6 in.

Height – 47.5 in.

Seat height) – 26.5 in.

Wheelbase – 61.5 in.

Dry weight – 538 lb.

Wet weight – 558 lb.

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